fourth time's the charm

Jul. 26th, 2017 02:14 pm
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I finally made it to the dentist today about my night guard, which cracked three weeks ago. The appointment was only rescheduled three times.

I noticed the hole in the back of the thing when I got up on July 4. With the week shortened by the holiday, they couldn't get me in until the next Wednesday. Which was fine, since the night guard was still usuable.

But by the next week, I had come down with an adenovirus: badly infected tonsils, lots of congestion, coughing heavily, and pink eye. It didn't seem like a good idea to drag my contagious self to the dentist, so I rescheduled my appointment for the following Wednesday (last week). But my tonsils were still pretty infected by last week, so I--very apologetically--called to reschedule again. That brought it to this Monday morning at 10:30. (The time is relevant; bear with me.)

Saturday evening I got home from the stained glass class to a message that they would need to reschedule my appointment again. Fair enough. I called first thing Monday morning and rescheduled again, to this morning at 11:15. I got there around 11:00 to be greeted by the receptionist telling me that my appointment had been for 10:30, not 11:15. I'm pretty sure she's the one that got confused about the time (presumably because that's what time the Monday appointment had been for); I distinctly remember her saying 11:15, and that's what I wrote down at the time of the call two days ago. But whatever. I told her that this appointment was obviously doomed.

They did manage to fit me in without too much trouble. Even better, the dentist was able to repair the hole in the night guard with dental acrylic. If it doesn't hold, I'll need a new one, but at least I don't need a replacement yet. I had expected to, so not having to is good news. Better still, they didn't charge me for the visit, since it's all part of the fee for the night guard itself.

This is my angry icon, but it's also the only one with teeth showing. :)

stained glass weekend, day two

Jul. 23rd, 2017 06:19 pm
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Today went much faster. It helped that I have done both foiling and soldering before, at Musecon, so I just needed a few reminders of how it goes. I was finished with the cat panel by lunchtime, although the instructor added the hanging loops for me later on. She had said yesterday that anyone who finished early should feel free to start another piece. So I did.

I knew I didn't have time to make another full panel, so I just did the rocket itself. Cutting that out was *much* faster. Not only is it only four pieces, but also where they meet is all straight lines *and*, since they don't have to fit into a frame, I didn't have to be so absolutely precise about the size of each one. I did make a hanging loop for the top. Interestingly, the rocket is almost as tall as the cat panel.

Even with the second piece, I finished more than half an hour early, so I was able to catch an earlier train.

~8" stained glass panel with of a cat ~7" stained glass rocket

more pictures, including the patterns that I didn't use

stained glass weekend, day one

Jul. 22nd, 2017 07:54 pm
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First day of the stained glass weekend workshop was devoted to cutting out our projects. I had been surprised--and pleased--to learn that we could do our own designs. I spent the last week drafting and refining ideas. I ultimately took two along today, a cat and a rocket. I had been worried about the curves on the cat (which is why I took the rocket too), but they said that curves are not inherently harder than straight lines. So I'm doing the cat.

Just picking out colors took over an hour. That plus the initial instruction and practice cutting took up until lunchtime. I did finish cutting out all my pieces, which puts me in the middle of the pack. A couple of people already moved on to foiling the edges (because the solder won't stick to glass), and a few people are still not finished with the cutting.

Tomorrow is another full day. I should finish with no trouble; the piece I did at Musecon two years ago was bigger and more elaborate and only took three hours starting from precut pieces.

Right now I'm pooped.

Photobucket shenanigans, continued

Jul. 18th, 2017 03:05 pm
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Photobucket is making me seriously angry.

The story so far: They changed their terms of service the beginning of July, to forbid "3rd party hosting" for free accounts. They didn't bother to send out any notice of this. Instead, last week they started sending me repeated nastygrams, accusing me of nefarious practices (that I hadn't know were a problem, see: lack of notice), and demanding that I upgrade to a paid account. Last Wednesday, after I investigated and discovered what the issue actually was, I deleted my account. They gave me 48 hours to change my mind, so the account should have been gone by Friday night.

Just now, I got another of those identical nastygrams. I figured something had gone wrong with the deletion, so I headed back over to Photobucket to see what's up. I can't log in, meaning my account is in fact gone (GOOD!). So WHY AM I STILL GETTING EMAILS ABOUT MISUSE OF MY DELETED ACCOUNT??!!!!!!!!!

Yet Another Book Meme

Jul. 18th, 2017 12:46 pm
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50 questions about books!

1. You currently own more than 20 books:
2. You currently own more than 50 books:
3. You currently own more than 100 books:
Let's just lump all these together under HELL, YEAH.

4. You amassed so many books you switched to an e-reader:
Not really. I added the Kindle app to my phone for traveling convenience, and because of a few things I wanted which were only available in e-form. But I still prefer hard-copy overall.

5. You read so much you have a ton of books AND an e-reader:
That would be me. I should note that I also have a TBR stack on my Kindle app.

6. You have a book-organization system no one else understands:
Mostly it's pretty straightforward. Where people might disagree is some of my judgment calls.

7. You're currently reading more than one book:
Generally speaking, yes.

8. You read every single day: Yes.

9. You're reading a book right now, as you’re taking this book nerd quiz: No.

10. Your essentials for leaving the house:
My belt-pack and cellphone. I don't have to carry physical books any more because of the Kindle app.

11. You've pulled an all-nighter reading a book: Yes, many times.

12. You did not regret it for a second and would do it again:
If that refers back to #11, yes.

13. You've figured out how to incorporate books into your workout: Workout?

14. You've declined invitations to social activities in order to stay home and read:
This happens in the other order. I decline a social invitation because I don't want to go, and then I end up staying home and reading instead of doing something else.

15. You view vacation time as "catch up on reading" time:
Not as a rule. If I've spent money to go somewhere and do something, I'm going to do it. Reading may happen during travel time or in the evenings.

16. You've sat in a bathtub full of tepid water with prune-y skin because you were engrossed in a book:
No -- reading in the bath isn't compatible with showers.

17. You've missed your stop on the bus or the train because you were engrossed in a book:
No, but I did miss a fork on the interstate once because I was listening to an audiobook. That was the only time I ever tried to listen to an audiobook while driving.

18. You've almost tripped over a pothole, sat on a bench with wet paint, walked into a telephone pole, or narrowly avoided other calamities because you were engrossed in a book:
No! I loathe people who aren't paying attention to what they're actually doing.

19. You've laughed out loud in public while reading a book:
Yes. And then glanced around to see if there was anyone nearby who'd be likely to appreciate the joke.

20. You've cried in public while reading a book (it’s okay, we won’t tell): No.

21. You're the one everyone goes to for book recommendations:
Only some people. It's pointless to solicit recommendations from (or make them to) someone who doesn't share your taste.

22. You take your role in recommending books very seriously and worry about what books your friends would enjoy:
That's putting way too much emphasis on a matter of opinion.

23. Once you recommend a book to a friend, you keep bugging them about it:
I may ask them, once.

24. If your friend doesn't like the book you recommended, you're heartbroken:
Disappointed, sometimes. Heartbroken... no, I don't invest that much of my ego into it.

25. And you judge them. HELL, NO.

26. In fact, whenever you and a friend disagree about a book you secretly wonder what is wrong with them:
I would wonder what was wrong with someone who actually did this.

27. You've vowed to convert a non-reader into a reader:
No, I don't tilt at windmills. If it's going to happen, it'll happen with or without me.

28. And you've succeeded: n/a

29. You've attended book readings, launches, and signings: Yes.

30. You own several signed books:
Many! I even use "autographed" as a tag on LibraryThing.

31. You would recognize your favorite authors on the street:
Some of them, because I know them socially from cons.

32. In fact, you have: If you include "at a con", yes.

33. If you could have dinner with anybody in the world, you'd choose your favorite writer:
Maybe. Still stiff competition from Howard Shore, though.

34. You own a first-edition book: A few.

35. You know what that is and why it matters to bibliophiles:
It's about rarity and historical interest. And bragging rights, for some of them.

36. You tweet, post, blog, or talk about books every day: No.

37. You have a "favorite" literary prize:
I take more interest in the Hugos than I do in other prizes, but I'm not sure that translates into "favorite".

38. And you read the winners of that prize every year:
Not necessarily -- even for the Hugos!

39. You've recorded every book you've ever read and what you thought of it:
I try to keep up-to-date with entering books into LibraryThing, but that's partly to make sure I don't re-buy a book that's on my TBR stack. Sometimes I write reviews, but I don't feel compelled to do so.

40. You have a designated reading nook in your home:
Not really. Mostly I read either at the table while eating, or in my favorite chair, but I don't think of them as "reading nooks".

41. You have a literary-themed T-shirt, bag, tattoo, or item of home décor: Yes.

42. You gave your pet a literary name:
Of the current pride, Grey Mouser, Sunfall (of Ennien), Spike (from the Toby Daye books), and arguably Loki and Kitsune are literary-related; Spot, Winnie, and Catgirl aren't.

43. You make literary references and puns nobody else understands:
Yes, and usually my friends understand them.

44. You're a stickler for spelling and grammar, even when you're just texting:
Mostly. In casual writing I'll allow myself some leeway, and I don't beat myself up over the occasional typo.

45. You've given books as gifts for every occasion:
Every type of occasion, probably. But not every single one of any type.

46. Whenever someone asks what your favorite book is, your brain goes into overdrive and you can't choose just one.
No. I have "all-time favorite" which doesn't change, and "current favorite" which does. I do sometimes get snarky and respond with, "You want me to pick ONE?" Especially since I like different books for different reasons.

47. You love the smell of books: Meh.

48. You've binge-read an entire series or an author's whole oeuvre in just a few days: Yes.

49. You've actually felt your heart rate go up while reading an incredible book: Probably.

50. When you turn the last page of a good book, you feel as if you've finally come up for air and returned from a great adventure:
Sometimes. When I do, I frequently go back and re-read it immediately.

stained glass designs

Jul. 16th, 2017 06:03 pm
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I hadn't realized it, but we get to make our own designs for the stained glass workshop next weekend. Constraints: no more than nine pieces (that's the hard one), must be a 7.5" square or a 7.5"x8.5" rectangle (no free-form).

I'm an over-achiever; I have four designs: a cat, a dolphin, a peacock, and a rocket. I'm torn between the first three. The rocket would be easiest, but it's also my least favorite; I may take it along anyway in case the instructor rejects the other three.

NorthAmeriCon report

Jul. 15th, 2017 07:04 pm
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Cosplayers 1
I've been saving up for this trip for nearly a year, because I wanted to have the experience of taking an overseas trip while I still can. And, sadly, it looks as though not only will this be the only such trip I ever take, but it will probably be the last time I ever fly anywhere at all. The default cabin pressure during flight has been raised from 5,000 feet to 8,000 feet, and at that virtual altitude I have Issues -- to wit, it knocks me off my feet at the other end for the rest of that day and most of the next as well. And that's on a 4-hour flight; I don't want to think about what might happen if I took a trans-Atlantic flight.

My flight out left at 10:35, but (working back) that meant I needed to be at the airport by 8:30, which meant I needed to leave home by 7:30, which meant I needed to get up no later than 6:30. Generous estimates all, but if the choice is between sitting in the waiting area for 2 hours and missing my flight, I'll take the former. And in point of fact, that's how it worked out; I was running early enough that the traffic thru downtown wasn't horrendous, I found the long-term parking lot I intended to use without trouble, and the bag-check and security lines were only 3 or 4 people long.

I had decided that since I was traveling solo, money spent toward making things easier for myself was worthwhile, so I sprang for the Early Check-In option with Southwest. This got me into the A boarding group, which meant that it was easy for me to get a window seat with bin space directly above it for my first carry-on bag. The flight was uneventful. Someone I know had told me that the San Juan airport was "a pit", but either it's been significantly spruced up since she was last there or she has a very different definition from mine; it was a lot like the Nashville airport. I retrieved my checked bag and got a cab to the con hotel (apparently the hotel itself doesn't run a shuttle).

The con )

Random notes:
- I would doubtless have gone to more of the panels if it hadn't been so goddamn cold on the convention level. I was feeling not really up to snuff all weekend for various reasons, and that made me even less inclined to sit in an ice-cold function room.

- I think this is the first con I've ever been to where I bought nothing from the con itself. There just wasn't that much to buy.

- Also because of not feeling up to snuff, I didn't take very many pictures.

- The streets in Old Town make the ones in the French Quarter look wide! One parking lane and one traffic lane, and you didn't see any SUVs or pickup trucks because there wasn't space for anything larger than a standard sedan to get thru.

- I had taken quite a bit of money with me, and came back with about half of it -- see above about nothing much to buy at the con. The largest chunk of what I spent, aside from the hotel, was on food and cabfare.

- I gave out a few no-Nazi buttons at the con, and two more to employees at the bookstore.

- Puerto Rico is primarily Spanish-speaking. Although everyone I interacted with was bilingual, all the signage outside the hotel was Spanish-only. I was happy to leave the navigation to my taxi drivers!

Bottom line: While I didn't get as much out of the weekend as I might have hoped, I'm still glad I went.

image hosting

Jul. 13th, 2017 12:34 pm
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I now have a free account on Flickr. Username is the same as my old one on Photobucket. The only thing there at the moment is my userpic. That's not going to change very fast, either; I'm not going to try to re-upload all of my old trip pictures. It looks like I can't upload directly to an album, which is going to be annoying, but so be it.


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